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Welcome to the Wakaaranga School website. At our school, the emphasis is on excellence. Our motto is “To be the best I can possibly be”. This is a belief we instil in all of our students. The core school values, ‘Respect, Responsibility and Reflection’ are extremely important to staff and students in our school. children are encouraged to particiapte in all the activities that the school has to offer. The senior staff are always prepared to listen to all to the concerns of parents.  Parents are always welcome to interact with all staff members. 



Measles is a highly contagious disease that can be life threatening. Find out what the symptoms are and how immunisation can protect you and your family.

• Measles is highly contagious – and easily preventable
• It affects both children and adults.
• Two doses of the measles vaccine provides the most effective protection for yourself, your family and the wider community. After one dose of the MMR vaccine, about 95% of people are protected from measles. After two doses more than 99% of people are protected.
• In New Zealand, if you were born in 1969 or later, you can get the measles vaccine for free.
• Vaccination is particularly important if you are planning to travel anywhere overseas – to protect yourself and to help prevent outbreaks in New Zealand.

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Important School update – Impending retirement of our Principal, Brent Jenkin


At the February Board earlier this week Mr Jenkin announced his intention to leave the Wakaaranga School at the end of Term 4 this year to retire.

It has been a decision that Brent has given much thought to over the last few months.

Brent has been in the education sector for 47 years, a Principal for 33 of those years and the Principal of our school for the last 21 years.

There are many, many highlights and achievements that mark Brent’s career and time at Wakaaranga. We will acknowledge and celebrate these at an appropriate time later this year.

What is certain in my mind is that Brent will leave Wakaaranga in great heart, a school recognised as a top quartile school for student achievement and most importantly a sought after school for parents seeking to provide their children with the best possible education.

Replacement Principal

Brent’s advance notice gives the School Board the opportunity to take stock of what we believe will be the key attributes we are looking for in the next chapter for Wakaaranga School.

The Board will be meeting with professional consultants at the March Board meeting to discuss the and options and process that we need to follow in recruiting our next School Principal,

It’s the first time in 21 years that Wakaaranga has needed to appoint a School Principal so we will be taking our time to ensure that we appoint someone we believe has all the skills necessary to continue leading Wakaaranga into the future.

Alan Piper


Wakaaranga BOT

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Community of Schools

Some of you may have read a statement in the November 23 edition of the Eastern Courier School (from the other 4 schools in our Farm Cove Cluster) that they have agreed to join together in a Community of Learning (CoL). You might be wondering what a CoL is, and also be wondering why our school name is not there as well. The reason very simply, is that after much deliberation, consideration and debate, your Board of Trustees and staff have chosen not to opt to join the CoL.
The National Government decided two years ago via the ‘Investing in Educational Success programme’ to begin an initiative to cluster schools into Communities of Learning (CoLs). A CoL is supposed to mean that the schools in the CoL would work together on raising the achievement for learners throughout their schooling pathway. Forming or being part of a CoL is voluntary and not a requirement for schools. Despite much encouragement and persuasion, this initiative has not been widely accepted or taken up by most schools in New Zealand.
In theory, schools in a CoL would have both in-school and across-school leadership opportunities for staff in order for them to work together, investigate teacher practice, and provide opportunities for growth to be more effective in their teaching and to improve student achievement. To qualify for any funding all CoLs have to have MoE approved ‘achievement challenges’. The challenges the MoE are prepared to sign off relate to targets around improving student improvement and National Standards, something that ERO recognised in their most recent review as an area that we are already succeeding in “The school responds effectively to all children whose learning and achievement need acceleration”
Considerable time was spent collaborating with the schools in the Farm Cove cluster looking for trends and similarities in our achievement data in order to find common areas of need on which to focus the achievement challenges/goals. However, it became apparent that the goals required by the cluster of schools were not going to meet the achievement needs of our students. As a result, the Board and staff feel it is best to focus on our school and our students so we can set achievement challenges tailored for, and suited specifically to our own school community. Participating in the CoL would mean that we would have to compromise on our own goals for our students which as you will clearly understand, does not sit well with us.
Although we have chosen not to be part of this CoL we will continue to be an active part of the traditional Farm Cove Cluster of schools and in particular continue to foster our close relationship with Farm Cove Intermediate. We wish those schools joining the CoL every success.

ERO Report The school received a very favourable ERO report as a consequence the next ERO report will be in five years. You can read the report by clicking on this text. ERO Report 2017 


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Monday, 1 July 2019
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Pandemic action plan
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